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Nic & Jamie Cooper- Principals, HudsonBlueMF


Andrew Jarrett


29 Jul 2022

Nic & Jamie Cooper- Principals, HudsonBlueMFAndrew Jarrett
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Nic saw the power of cash-flowing assets with his single-family rentals but was ready to scale. He sold his remaining single-family rentals in San Diego and got Jamie on board to reinvest in real-estate on a larger scale.


Together they purchased a 24 unit apartment complex in Ohio to create passive income. In the first year they optimized systems and as a result, doubled the property's value! They saw first-hand the power of multifamily real-estate investing as an opportunity to create passive income and build wealth for their family.


Nic brings a pilot's precision and analytical mind to multifamily real estate with over 22 years as a military helicopter pilot.


Jamie delivers an unwavering resolve towards producing results and an innate ability to build relationships with over a decade in medical sales.


Jamie and Nic saw that their skills would be the perfect fit for multifamily real-estate investing.

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