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Michael Wagman, Co-Founder: Nimble Capital Group


Andrew Jarrett


12 Aug 2022

Michael Wagman, Co-Founder: Nimble Capital GroupAndrew Jarrett
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Michael Wagman is the managing partner and co-founder of Nimble Capital group. A real estate investment company which currently holds a portfolio of $60million between multi-family, retail/commercial, and raw-land assets. Michael began his real estate investing journey at the ripe young age of 25, with no prior knowledge and the sheer stubbornness to succeed. He began by doing fix-and-flip projects all across central Florida, and with a lot of sweat equity (and blood, and tears) he slowly acquired a portfolio of smaller multifamily buildings. In 2020 he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he met his business partner and Nimble Capital Group was born. Since then Nimble has been acquiring real estate all over the Southwest and providing strong consistent returns to its investors.

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