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Eddie Symmonett- The journey to becoming a MultiFamily investor


Andrew Jarrett


17 Jun 2022

Eddie Symmonett- The journey to becoming a MultiFamily investorAndrew Jarrett
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Edward moved to the States from Nassau, Bahamas at 18 years old. He been active in real estate since 2016 at 22 years old when he started interning, reading and researching everything he could on real estate investing while still in college.


Edward is currently a full-time multifamily real estate investor.


In 2017 he started his first holding company (Blue Marlin Equity Group,LLC) and purchased his first duplex and four-unit apartment. In 2018, The year after he purchased a 32 and 75 unit apartment as a passive partner. In 2019 he purchased a 36 unit apartment complete as a sponsor/operator and successfully refinanced the property in 2021 and was able to increase the value from $400,000 to $1,560,000, increasing the properties value by $1,160,000 in 2 years Through the implementation of his investment strategies. He just purchased a 48 unit B class apartment complex fully stablized on October 14th. Bringing his holdings to 90 units total across 4 properties all in the Birmingham Alabama metro area.


He also owns a property management company, Symmonett Management LLC. The property management team currently manages 90 apartments; Currently at 27 years old Edward has successfully closed on 9 real estate transactions.

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