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How To: Succeed in MultiFamily Real Estate

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Andrew Jarrett


5 Aug 2022

How To: Succeed in MultiFamily Real EstateAndrew Jarrett
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Andrew Moore is the Founder of Hill Creek Capital and has over 9 years of real estate investing experience. He began investing in single family homes while living in Northern Colorado. Andrew’s experience continued to develop as he managed from a distance and continued real estate transactions while living abroad.


Since his return stateside, Andrew has been a full-time real estate investor and is a general partner in 1038 units. Andrew is passionate about helping others and fostering financial stewardship. Andrew is looking forward to a productive 2022 in multifamily investing with family and friends.


George Cline has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 25 years, starting several businesses in technical fields, specializing in internet and networking. He traveled all over the US and several European countries supporting companies like Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and Sig Sauer.


Over the years George has invested in real estate through single family homes and student housing. In the past two years he has focused primarily on larger multifamily housing and currently has over 1100 units under management.


George and his wife Lauren have 9 children, ranging in age from 27 to 4 years old! Many of his adult children have worked alongside him in his various businesses.

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